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Ever thought of imaging cellular life without affecting it? Now it is possible just to observe and record. We call it PURE LIVE IMAGING

Advanced solutions

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Horizontal, 360° illumination and detection


Dedicated to large sample imaging, the MuVi SPIM is optimized for long-term 3D fluorescence imaging of living specimens such as Drosophila larvae and early Zebrafish embryos.

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Inverted, fast & flexible


Dedicated to live imaging, the InVi SPIM offers easy access to the sample chamber and control of environmental conditions for long-term 3D fluorescence imaging of living specimens. Faster than a spinning disk or point scanning confocal microscope with much fewer photons.

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Upright, dual view & dual color


Dedicated to live imaging with higher throughput, the QuVi SPIM combines dual views and dual detection channels for long-term 3D fluorescence imaging of living specimens. The upright concept enables screening approaches and dish-based cell assays.

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Data processing and storage solution


The Lux DATA is a comprehensive data processing and storage solution for the efficient handling of data generated in light-sheet fluorescence microscopy, as well as super-resolution or two-photon imaging.

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Bruker’s other Fluorescence Microscopes


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All about Light-Sheet Microscopy

Discover more details about Light-Sheet Microscopy and its advantages when it comes to fast 3D fluorescence imaging of biological samples.

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Bioimaging across scales

Built up around your sample, LUXENDO’s microscopes are adapted to match your experimental needs. Find the most appropriate system for your application to ensure best-in-class 3D images.


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