Luxendo, a spin-off from EMBL in Heidelberg, Germany, and now part of Bruker, commercializes advanced Single Plane Illumination Microscopes (SPIM)

LUXENDO – The light-sheet company

Revolutionizing bioimaging with light-sheets

Luxendo was founded in 2015 as spin-off from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). We develop and manufacture proprietary light-sheet fluorescence microscopy instruments.

With a strong focus on applications, LUXENDO‘s solutions are easy to use and enable scientists around the globe to excel in their research. The microscopes avoid sample phototoxicity by sequentially illuminating a stack of thin slices of the organism, allowing scientists to observe living organisms for extended periods of time without photodamage. Within two years, three different microscope systems were developed and launched, fulfilling various application needs.

Since May 2017 LUXENDO is part of the Fluorescence Microscopy Business Unit within Bruker‘s Nano Surfaces Division.

As one of the world’s leading analytical instrumentation companies, Bruker covers a broad spectrum of advanced solutions in all fields of research and development. All our systems and instruments are designed to improve safety of products, accelerate time-to-market and support industries in successfully enhancing quality of life. We’ve been driving innovation in analytical instrumentation for 50 years now. Today, worldwide more than 6,000 employees are working on this permanent challenge, at over 70 locations on all continents.

In supporting scientific research projects on a global level, we are applying the latest technologies in hardware and software for the best possible results.

With a core team of EMBL and Max-Planck alumni, we can ensure to be at the forefront of creating scientifically relevant solutions.

Our in-house design and manufacturing processes are the basis for comprehensive and highly stable imaging systems.

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If you have any question regarding your microscopes functionality or you want to schedule a maintenance visit, then get in contact with LUXENDO’s support team. We will ensure to get the right person involved to answer your request.


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